Don't Forget
   Your List!
About the App...

Everyone uses lists. They’re wonderful for what they are intended for-to remind you when you get to the store of the items you need.

But how many times have you run out of milk at breakfast, added it to a list, gone off to work, picked up the kids, dropped off the dry cleaning, got home, opened the fridge and realized…you forgot to stop and get milk! But you put it on your list?! And really, you must have passed that store 50 times!

Don’t Forget Your List is the first GPS based list App that reminds you that you need to stop at the store based on your current location! As you drive down the road, Don’t Forget Your List notifies you that you are in the proximity of the stores you pick and reminds you that you have shopping lists. 

It isn’t just for groceries, either! You can add any item to your “list” and using the GPS location and name search, you can add any store of your choice to be alerted by. 

Need to pick up your dry cleaning? Select your dry cleaners from the list of stores, tap on it, and add “dry cleaning” to your list! Need to pick up items from the hardware store, add your list and assign it to your favorite hardware store. It’s that simple! The next time you drive near one of your preferred stores, you will be reminded that it’s on your list!

Traveling and need to pick up some incidentals but not sure what stores are nearby? Use Don’t Forget Your List and it will find all the nearby businesses, or you can search by name!

Don’t Forget Your List is a great tool for anyone who is on the go, or someone who would just like to be more organized!

About Us...

We are moms and sisters who wanted to make our lives a little easier by cutting down on trips out and turn-arounds!  So we designed this App to make our lives, and yours, more efficient!

Tracy is a mother of 4, and wife to an amazing, retired Army guy. Her passion for organization drives her work in Emergency Management and Project Management. She is always on the lookout for things to make life more efficient and convenient. She loves to cook, hike, read, research and work.

Kimberly is a 30-something first time mom to an adorable and brilliant little boy! She's also an Auburn University graduate in PR.   She worked in the corporate world until the baby came along and was always short on time.  After a long day at work one day, she returned home to make dinner and realized that she had driven past countless stores on the way home and was short one crucial ingredient.  This meant she had to get BACK in my car and go get it before she could finally relax!  That annoyance was the inspiration for this App.

Kim shared her idea with her most efficient sister, Tracy, who thought it was brilliant!  She had some ideas to make it better.  So together and with the help of Zenware, we were able to create this app to make errands and lists more efficient for everyone!

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